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Motion is emotion.

At COLIBRI Event Photography, we believe that video can be poetry in motion. Whether we’re building the narrative of your event, capturing the essence of an interview, or simply shooting time-lapse or ambient footage, our expert videographers will blow you away with their prowess and timely post-production skills.

We always shoot in high definition, but it’s our commitment not just to production quality but to capturing genuine emotion that sets our work apart. Whether you’re a small business, a non-profit or a multinational corporation, we have a range of videography options to suit even the most elaborate of needs.


These prices are the total price. Prices vary depending on size of your event.
For events outside of London additional travel and accommodation may also be charged.

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Example Work

Alzheimer’s Society TV

British Red Cross

Colman’s Mustard ‘sting’

Richmond 24

ProPulse ‘Jekyll and Hyde’

NHS – Sky Ward

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