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About Colibri

Our Key To Success Is Staying On Target

COLIBRI photography are based in London but are willing to travel on special request to capture your event!
Just across the city – within UK or even worldwide

Our Mission

We’ve earned our reputation for the highest quality, working with some of the biggest names in the corporate, educational and retail industries to deliver event photography

Our Vision

Since our inception, we’ve continued to maintain our initial goal to set the event photography industry’s benchmark. Through our quality-driven service and innovative technology, our team has established a name for creative photography & videography

Our Abilities

Unique ability to capture both the passion and emotion of people and events, creating stunning and vibrant photos and videos, and by using my social media strategy and large fan base I also manage to creating a lasting legacy of your event.

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[arkeytect_call_to_action element_title=”Why Choose COLIBRI” description=”COLIBRI provides professional photography photography & videography for all kinds of events, conferences, awards, real estate, hotels, restaurants and weddings.
Many years front and back of house experience within first class hotels and restaurants, so we have a unique perspective on style and customer service.
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[arkeytect_executive_message bg_left=”2525″ bg_right=”1549″ logo_icon=”1530″ element_title=”Passion for Photography” message_text=”25 years I’ve been working in the Hotel Industry.
My passion for photography has been steadily building, 2013 I made the decision to actively start forming a business around doing what I love.. and have never looked back! ” author_name=”Andreas Grieger” designation=”Founder & Photographer, COLIBRI” video_link=””]
[arkeytect_call_to_action_full title_content=”We Love to Photograph ♥ ” readmore_url_btn=”|title:Our%20Service|target:%20_blank|” readmore_url_btn_2=”|title:Contact|target:%20_blank|” description=”Make the moments matter”]
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