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@Cosi Opera  – Rehearsal

1st March – 3rd April

at Kings Head Theatre

Have you ever loved two people at the same time?

Ever had an affair? Or wanted to have one?

Who says we’re monogamous anyway?

Everyone is seducible.

Tonight we’re going to put this to the test.


Two couples. The boys swear that their girlfriends will always be faithful. The girls want to get married to their boyfriends. So where’s the problem?

A man called Alfonso gets the boys to play a game on their girlfriends. The boys just have to do exactly what Alfonso says. For 24 hours. Sounds like fun, right? What starts out as a game quickly becomes a car crash for lovers.

It’s all played out for a TV audience. Come and find out who ends up with who, who throws the first punch and who is still in love with who at the end.

And the whole god-awful mess is set to some of the most sublime music Mozart ever wrote.
A new adaptation directed by Paul Higgins and Musical Direction by Elspeth Wilkes.

(c) | Andreas Grieger

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